St. Bridget of Sweden (MP3)



Please listen to a  sample of some of the tracks on the CD:

  • History of St Bridget of Sweden.. Prayers.. 25 minutes..
  • As I Kneel Before You

  • Peace Perfect Peace

  • Hold My Hand

  • The Lord is with me Now

  • Be Still and know that I am God

  • Stay with me Jesus

  • Sweet Heart of Jesus

  • He is Lord

  • Lay Your Hands

  • Queen of the May


Track Lists on St Bridget of Sweden CD

  1. History of St Bridget – 12 year prayers…. 25 minutes minutes
  2. As I kneel before you
  3. Peace Perfect Peace
  4. Hold my Hand
  5. The Lord is with me now
  6. Be still and know that I am God
  7. Stay with me Jesus
  8. Sweet Heart of Jesus
  9. He is Lord
  10. Lay your hands
  11. Queen of the May